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Everything has an end, even this will!

Our generation has lost the value of trust, the value of conversation, the value of reading, the value of doing activities offline.

Remember that there is always a new dawn.

Reminisce the days? when we use to think if had more hours in a day, when we were busy but not productive, when we had to attend back to back lectures, when we had to evaluate the exam papers, when we use to wait for the dish to arrive on the table, when we only sneaked in the house to eat the dinner and get some sleep?

During the moments when life seemed to be moving at one hundred miles per hour, During the days when we had many things on our list but the sleep gave up on us?


Take it all in, right where you are now. Reacquaint yourself with who you are. This quarantine, visualize yourself for what you are and where you want to be.

It is a human tendency that we only miss moments when they are passed.

We only miss the night when it’s morning. We only miss the sun when it starts to snow.

So, we will miss the quarantine when we continue again with our rat race.

Embrace what you have. Embrace your family, your friends, your colleagues and also embrace yourself.

  • Watch the remaining series/ movies that were always on your watch list. Move yourself to absorbing new content.
  • Train yourself to not only value you physical but also mental health.
  • Explore your potential.
  • Read new/ same books as, they are the only source of wandering this days. Travel with imagination.
  • Meditate as that will clear the chaos from your mind.

PAUSE and breath as much of good things you can.

As everything has an end, even this will end!


Dear Ladies

Life comes in three elements.

Who you get it from, who you give it to and YOU. The first two are usually most talked, but the third is always the least prioritized.

Too many women spend their lives at a bus stop, at the corner of the kitchen, also doing things which they are supposed to do as a women (according to the society ) and some with a make up kit to look more happier and others waiting to be picked by a knight shining anchor.

Whereas, the third element starts with YOU, defined by no man, because you write your own story, blazing through the world, moulding history into her story.

It’s time to get out of that corner, to explore yourself to a new you, to check your limits and find a new comfortable home for your soul to rest. Sit in a bath tub, read your favourite book, light up a beautiful scented candle, write your own poem.

Live your life unbothered by this society.

There will be many preachers, many critiques and then there will be you, proving them all wrong. And when they tell you about all the things you cannot be, you smile and tell them, ” I am both war and women, you cannot stop me”.

Because you are different and that’s enough.

Searching Happiness

Searching Happiness, in others?
Leave it, you will never get! Why? Because it starts with YOU. Happiness always looks like it’s in the destination but you know what? It’s in the process.
Happiness is small while you hold it in your hands, let it go and you realize how big it was. Don’t lean on others for your happiness, you might lose track, rather find it within YOU.
It takes only one person to make you happy and change your life, be that one as YOU. Find peace within yourself, for you and by you. YOU don’t need anyone else’s approval not even appraisal. Don’t let your remote be in someone else’s hand.

Be your own reason of happiness.



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There will be followers to whatever you do and there will be unfollowers to whatever you do.

Doesn’t matter  were you come from or what you have, all that keeps reflecting is what context you carry forward.

A plant will never grow green unless it’s watered with the right thoughts.

Practice makes man perfect? No! Right practice makes the man perfect.

So leave which beans others have to give you, get your own beans and make a positive coffee out of it.

Picture Perfect

I was obsessed with “picture perfect“,

Because that was the only way to fit in the definition of beautiful according to the externals.

Then I searched the world inside and out,

For a moment I felt, is this all life about?

My life was viewed through lenses,

That was the magic of my camera, that made me fit in the crowd.

I thought the pictures made me enter in the package of skinny and perfect, but rather looking at them it made me realize I wasn’t one from them, because I was meant to stand differently.

The picture never showed the noise of the world,

Or the way the cold breeze smelt,

It never reminded how the day was,

I realized, I have just a snapshot of a moment,

That wasn’t even real because that was the magic of the lens.

So, I gave my camera and used my eyes instead,

To take photos of me in my mind.

And then life was much easier,

When you don’t view it through glasses.

What if ?

Fountain Pen.

What if I read to you a story?

Starting: “Once upon a time”,

And you realize that it’s your life,

Spelt out on every line of each word,

Would you hear each word with eager?

As I reach across each new line, would your ears be keen towards the sound?

And pray your arms had more strength to hold, the truth behind the nightmare?

Would your view on life be different?

And what would shock you most to find?

That the things you thought would resemble you would be summed up in just two lines?

And the things you took for granted,

Play a bigger role in who you were and what you have become.

Would you wonder about all the pages left and the trips undone?

Would you be proud to read, the miles you climbed against all odds?

Because this is a story of your life,

And what if i say you still hold the pen,

Then I hope you will fill the pages right,

Right, as you want the end, to end.


Seventh Sky.

No one is going to come at a68f93de10c62f15733ecf329b75797ayour rescue, you are your own lifeguard.

Don’t let the world make you a churlish person. Don’t let the actions of others make you feel ice cold. Learn by learning and unlearn before learning something new, but don’t let anything build you an unkind. It’s okay if you cry, it’s okay if you are sad. But it’s never okay if you treat the people as you were treated. We are human. We break, we scramble and we fall but that is the sign that we climbed!

There are moments in life where you feel like you cannot even crawl ahead but, there are even the moments that make you feel you are on the seventh sky. So, take nothing and let go everything.

Everything is temporary. Even sadness and happiness too.

The Mirror

You look in the mirror and see yourself, but really, it’s not a complete you. I mean it’s your nose, your face and your cute little smile , but that’s not all. It’s more than what reflects in the mirror, it’s about the lives you have touched by your presence. It’s about the smiles you brought on different faces. You are not seeing how strong you are. In fact, all the battles that you have overcome are completely  invisible in the mirror, which are hidden beneath your soul.

So darling listen to me when I say it, you are more than the reflection.